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The American Dream of Home Ownership

More and more of the younger generation don’t want to own a home. They want to just rent for life and none of the hassle of home ownership. Right now in America, kids under the age of 30  think the cost is too large and home ownership takes too much time to maintain.  So I can see their point of view, but a point to make is  invest in real estate and your future. Owning a home and the process of buying your first home can be a process, it doesn’t have to be a hard one.

We are all about the work and how hard it is anymore.  We never can see to look what owning a home is really about after  you buy it. Its more than a financial decision and investment, its the place you spend time the most.  No matter if you are single, married couple, or a large family, typically its where you spend the majority of your time. A place that you call your own and have no one to answer to you but yourself.


Norman Rockwell, a famous painter for The Saturday Morning Post, depicted drawings of families making memories.   One of the more famous drawings is a family sitting around the table at Thanksgiving joining for dinner.  In the drawing you can see what the happiness with everyone sitting in a home for dinner, nothing special just dinner in a home.

What that painting creates for us when we see it is a feeling of nostalgia. See homes are the places we make memories.  So many memories can be made from owning a home. Take time to forget about all the processes, finances, work, and bills, think about the memories that will be made.  Its so simple to get hung up on those things but there is nothing better than spending time with your family at your home.

Renting is always an option but owning a home is something I can’t describe, its a sense of accomplishment and place where I lay my hat at the end of a workday.A place where I play with my kids and place to gather.

young father with little son sitting on porch at backyard, dad and son playing



kyle graven

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