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Why do I want to register on a Website for the Latest listings?

Why do I want to register on a Website for the Latest listings?

There was a time when the only way to find homes for sale was to engage a real estate agent to send you listings or drive up and down the streets scouting “for sale” signs.

In the past decade, an explosion of online real estate listings services has drastically changed the way Americans look for homes. It’s now possible, with a click of a mouse, to find the sales price of the home next door, search for listings in a given school zone and take virtual tours of homes you’re interested in.

With the multiple listing service  at their fingertips, most would-be buyers these days send listings to their agents rather than the other way around. At Don Beyersdorf, we ask you to save searches and just log in to create your account to get the latest information. Basically what this means that you have access within 15 minutes to a new listing from the time an agent enters a new listing into the market.  So if you are looking for a new home in lets say Jupiter, it would send a new listing alert to the email on file with log in account.

Consumers are hesitant to enroll or create an account for anything due to the fact they will be called or enrolled in some sort of Campaign. Well that can be true depending on where you enroll at: agent site, Zillow,, and RedFin.  However our homefinder account only pertains to what you are interested in or searching the Real Estate Market for.  Yes you will get emailed listings searches, price reductions, and new listing alerts.  All that information though is what you have given our homefinder account after you have registered. The more detailed with you search such as: 2 bedroom, 2 bath, patio, pool, Singer Island, and Pets Welcome. The more information means the more informed you are.

With all the technology available to you, Don Beyersdorf as an agent assists you the being the guide and negotiator in your Real Estate journey. We will email you asking you for assistance and if there is anything particular you are looking for, but we wont hound you or call you non-stop.  We realize that when you enroll in a website, you  just want to ensure you can access all the information saved at any particular time. We dont even ask for a phone number. So start your journey by going to the registration page on our homepage today.


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