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Sunday Morning Coffee June 24th

Sunday Morning Coffee June 24th

Good morning Everyone!  This edition of Sunday morning coffee is going to be a fun one. For those of you who live in Florida and get frigid on those 60 degree nights, this blog will spark interest.

Growing up in the NorthEast, I spent a lot of time with Bonfires and campouts with fires burning.  There is something refreshing about wood burning and the aroma of it all. Nothing better than sitting with friends and family enjoying smores, hot dogs, and something warm to do drink.  So I am curious what appeals to you more as a firepit. We are going to have a quiz this morning? Tell me what you like better. Comment in the section below. I personally will always be favorable to rustic and old fashioned looking fire-pits.

There are 93 days to enjoy this summer, which means 93 chances to chase fireflies, stick your toes in the sand or tell ghost stories under starry skies.

Gather up the marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers, and weigh in on which spaces you’d rather gather ’round on a warm summer’s night.

So no matter what fire-pit you like. Invest in a gathering area for your home to create great memories.




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