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Sunday Morning Coffee May 12th

Sunday Morning Coffee May 12th

Welcome to Sunday morning Coffee!

Sit down and cozy up with a coffee and take some knowledge from this. Before we get going this morning, I would like to wish all the ladies out there Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for all that you do for your families and enjoy your family today.

So this morning, I would like to make it quick one today and introduce myself to you.  I am from New York and love that town. I love that town and still call it home. I always will. For those of you interested in moving there, let me know I am licensed there, wink wink.  I began selling real estate in 2006 and have enjoyed every minute of it. Real Estate has its challenges and rewards. Each day can bring you something new with either a inspection issue or homeowner issue. On the other hand the joy it brings it me to put families in homes, is more rewarding than anything that I have ever done. After the new homeowner has moved in, I always try to stop by or connect with him to see the transformed house into their own.

I would have to say the most challenging part of the real estate market, it to talk to them about the “art of pricing”.  Setting a price on your home is a difficult task, it is the most important part when listing your home. I use all the tools available when pricing a home and my experience in two different markets, New York and West Palm Beach. When you list your home, the first day it goes on the market the home has more activity on the internet in the first ten days than it does in the next fifty days. That means price is key so it attracts as many potential buyers as possible. So I take the time to have it priced accordingly to bring you the best offer absolutely possible in the first few days. So selling your home is very much like your first impression at an interview, Come prepared and look great! Being prepared when it first listed means priced right, great pictures, technology, marketing in all aspects, and commitment from your Realtor.

In 2006 when I joined the real estate market as a professional, it was much different in terms of technology. In terms of technology the consumer in any real estate transaction is much more savvy to the market trends due to so much information out there on the internet that the consumer comes well prepared in understanding the market, market trends, pricing, inventory etc. In terms of the market it has become increasingly competitive with many more agents entering the field. Unfortunately the agents entering the field are ill prepared whether it is due to work ethic, or broker training.  I try to educate a potential buyer or seller how I use technology and guide them through the process.

I remember 12 years ago Smartphones weren’t even around. Mobile technology has changed our lives so much just not in real estate. So use that smartphone that you carry around every day to your advantage when selling or buying. For instance if your driving around and see a house that you like or a type of house that you like, take a picture of it and send it to your agent. This will help them in your journey. Also use a mobile website, is a great one, to help search for homes by communities and drive around the area to find the house in person. When selling a mobile device is great for the obvious reasons, be able in touch with offers and receive updates from your agent.

So as I just finished my coffee, I will leave you with this note for the day. The home is always one of the biggest purchases you make in your life. Take the time select an agent that offers knowledge, technology, wisdom, and friendship. Make sure that agent is committed to being there for you and also not just agree all the time with you. A good Realtor is not always to going to agree with you, but have those critical conversations with you that you need to hear.  I take those conversations to heart with my clients and it has always been hard at those moments when I had those conversations with the clients, but I have gained clients for life by doing so!




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